Website Development

Lillyweb offers a variety of website solutions from basic brochure websites to database driven catalogue websites. Get a custom made website designed specifically for your needs. We build our brochure websites with HTML, CSS and JAVASCRIPT. Our database driven websites are built in .NET and use MICROSOFT SQL. We are also experienced with HTML5, PHP and MYSQL.


Our preferred content management system is Umbraco. Umbraco has been designed to make you as productive as possible.
This means it's fast, beautiful and easy to use so you can focus on getting your message out to your peers, not how the technology works.

Download our PDF on why Umbraco should be your first choice for Web Content Management. Umbraco PDF Download.

Content Management Systems

Other content management system's which we are experienced with are:

Website Integration

If you already have the look and feel of your website but just don't know what to do next? Then Lillyweb can help. We can take your design and create a fully functioning website. An example of this is Pegasus Tattoos. Craig being a Tattoo artist for many years knew the look and feel he was after so came up with his own design. Lillyweb then took his concept and created a functioning website for him.

Front End Development: HTML, CSS, JS

Our front end development use the latest tolls including HTML5/CSS3, and JavaScript. The front end development involves turning static designs into browser-compliant code.

.NET Development

When building a database driven website we prefer to use Microsoft .NET. Programming experience of our .NET programmers have is up to 8 years. This includes experience with both C# and ASP.NET.